Wednesday, January 26, 2011

aLifF!!! I loVe yOu!!!

You leave us forever. I love to delete you will not forever. Alif, when you are sick, the heart is crying without you need. Your cousins really miss you, your mom and dad and siblings really miss and love but God loves him more. I really miss him when to eat and drinks. Alif, you made we laugh when amused. Alif, you when entering the ICU. My heart beating fast. the heart of this struggle so that you do not leave we, but what could I do only God is powerful over everything. When kak sa, kak mira ( yours sister) ,kak inah, abang man and abang haziq want to visit you in the ICU for a lot of allegations we received out of the hostel. They do not understand our situation , but with the permission of Allah, we leave is out. Alif , from morning until night we wait for you consciousness in the hospital. Turn me into the ICU room and read, I saw alif's mom kissing from last foot to head. Only God knows my heart when I saw the love of a mother to her child. There are doctor who also shed tears to see action him's mom.We will never fail you wish. Tomorrow morning, to call out someone to know you have left we forever. Furthermore, Alif's family cry to settle because can no longer hold the knee is very weak. After the earth spirits, environment is very quiet no longer near him screams, him laughs and him voice when reading the Quran. Alif, you leave us with your name etched " tilawah al-Quran" . Congratulations Alif, now he has reached the age of 9 years. I hope the spirit of his mercy Vis. Amen. alms Al-Fatehah for him.

DiNner witH mY FamilY

my beloved  mom and dad

Say my father " tonight dinner at crystal mosque". I and siblings also like and happy. We enjoy at tonight with family. During , in Shawwal. I holidays for month and my siblings again school holidays. So, my mom and dad bring us out. Reach the destination , we were walking while seeing God's creation. 
my brother and me~

After that, we want at the restaurant near the crystal mosque. Beside the restaurant have the river and the boats have for tourists stranded by the river. Tonight, I and my siblings and their parents favorite foods that were ordered. After finished eating, we continue were walking and take a picture. My mom and dad were sporting treat children. Beautiful scenery affect we family to be happy.

yumm yumm

my beloved family


Thursday, January 20, 2011

I ReaCheD tHe hOsteL rEsidencE

Firstly, kak waheedah sabarudin welcomed family and I and brought us to a room will be staying. Open the door, I was greeted by sisters semester 6, kak nik, kak huda, kak nor, kak majad, kak farah,kak ieda and kak asmat. I feel embarrassed, shy and happy to the condition when i went through it. In the room, four people semester 1 including me and the remaining of senior. 

My belOved sisters

They are a great help to me and giving guidence to me. I really love them is kak nik, kak huda, kak nor, kak majad, kak farah,kak ieda, kak asmat and k.edah. I just know them but as long they know except k.nor and k.edah. Says k.majad " Tomorrow we go outing Kota Bharu?" .
  k.nor(comey) n me :)  
 I and my sisters went outing Kota Bharu. I really like the condition. Thanks Allah for giving me the opportunity to experience their fraternity but I'm sad because i'm only three days with them. they had to mve to rental housing. The last day, I went out with them when I went eat "Roti Canai" near the hostel. Ya Allah! I was so nostalgic to be with my sisters who is righteous. Heart is very sad to part with them, three days for me as long with them, but I did not forget and sometimes I go to bed at their rented house. Ya Allah! save our fraternity to Paradise. Amen.

k.mun comey :)
    k.ieda cute :)                              k.majad  comey :)
  k.huda comey :)                                                k.nik sweet :)
k.asmat sweet n the geng :)

i really miss u all!!

k.farah cute :)
k.edah comey :)

GoiNg iNto tHe hoVel "KTD"

To have confidently and new determination, I think impatient for start learning. In this case, I'am pass away list because confuse where to the place for study. I come to in "KTD" at 3.00p.m. first of all, I was greeted by sister Waheedah Sabarudin student semester 5 under KUIS at prayer room KTD. 

After that, Anas Harithah Abdullah semester 5 under KUIS comes accompany us to the office HEA to register themselves. That very moment, I'am felling mixed is happy, touched and sad because ultimately this is the places for me to fight for 3 years.

laala :)

iN pReciOus gEms

I wonder, where is the place to study? . My mom and dad never told me." praying to God guides where the best places. When I think of the words, then more my feet away to take ablution . In a few weeks. I do chore as usual and expect me to mind is technology colleges darul naim "KTD" . And then, I remmeber about two offer letter "KTD" is UTM ( accounting) and KUIS ( Of Learning Al-Quran and Sunnah ). I choose a stronger heart is "Of learning Al-Quran and Sunnah". With  a free heart and happy, I choose "KTD" in my heart. Therefore, this is what God given to me. Thanks Allah. My mom and dad no to hinder my decision but they continue provide support to me. "KTD" not only place studying temporal but it's also a caring heart that were not given spiritual food.

KTD in my heart :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


    Right at 12.00 is in the new 2011, I fulfilled the age of 19 years, whether I was mature at the age of this? In 2010 a lot of memories that I have experienced. No bitter or sweet memories. With memories that have taught me the meaning of life.

      Example of bitter memories for me although I have to deal with any bitterness. Now all the memories that only a history in my life.
By the year 2011, began the new resolutions, new dreams. in my new life is to achieve the aspirations and dreams of father and mother. My dream is to become a good son, god willing. I also want to educate her younger sister became a useful, but gladden the heart of the fathers and mothers without the slightest scratch their feelings. In addition, the prestige of the highest for me is to reach pleased God.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Story of my family and I

My name is Nur Sabiha Binti Zulkifli. I am an older sister in my family. I have two younger sisters and one younger brother. My mother and I always share our problems about our family. Sometimes, we share about our business family. I as older sister have many responsibility and sacrifice. Other than that, my parent sacrifices to their daughter and son. So, I as older sister in my family always help to educate my younger sister and brother to make them be a human that have Islamic principle.
My beloved brother, AbDul RaHmaN

 In this situation, I hope strength from Allah to hold these responsibilities as older sister. In addition, I feel can’t hold these responsibilities but my friends give me support. My parent teach me how the real life in the world.
my LoVe SisteR, nuR SyaKirAh

my Cute SisTer, nuRul SaKinAh

My BelovEd pARents