Thursday, January 20, 2011

I ReaCheD tHe hOsteL rEsidencE

Firstly, kak waheedah sabarudin welcomed family and I and brought us to a room will be staying. Open the door, I was greeted by sisters semester 6, kak nik, kak huda, kak nor, kak majad, kak farah,kak ieda and kak asmat. I feel embarrassed, shy and happy to the condition when i went through it. In the room, four people semester 1 including me and the remaining of senior. 

My belOved sisters

They are a great help to me and giving guidence to me. I really love them is kak nik, kak huda, kak nor, kak majad, kak farah,kak ieda, kak asmat and k.edah. I just know them but as long they know except k.nor and k.edah. Says k.majad " Tomorrow we go outing Kota Bharu?" .
  k.nor(comey) n me :)  
 I and my sisters went outing Kota Bharu. I really like the condition. Thanks Allah for giving me the opportunity to experience their fraternity but I'm sad because i'm only three days with them. they had to mve to rental housing. The last day, I went out with them when I went eat "Roti Canai" near the hostel. Ya Allah! I was so nostalgic to be with my sisters who is righteous. Heart is very sad to part with them, three days for me as long with them, but I did not forget and sometimes I go to bed at their rented house. Ya Allah! save our fraternity to Paradise. Amen.

k.mun comey :)
    k.ieda cute :)                              k.majad  comey :)
  k.huda comey :)                                                k.nik sweet :)
k.asmat sweet n the geng :)

i really miss u all!!

k.farah cute :)
k.edah comey :)

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