Wednesday, January 26, 2011

aLifF!!! I loVe yOu!!!

You leave us forever. I love to delete you will not forever. Alif, when you are sick, the heart is crying without you need. Your cousins really miss you, your mom and dad and siblings really miss and love but God loves him more. I really miss him when to eat and drinks. Alif, you made we laugh when amused. Alif, you when entering the ICU. My heart beating fast. the heart of this struggle so that you do not leave we, but what could I do only God is powerful over everything. When kak sa, kak mira ( yours sister) ,kak inah, abang man and abang haziq want to visit you in the ICU for a lot of allegations we received out of the hostel. They do not understand our situation , but with the permission of Allah, we leave is out. Alif , from morning until night we wait for you consciousness in the hospital. Turn me into the ICU room and read, I saw alif's mom kissing from last foot to head. Only God knows my heart when I saw the love of a mother to her child. There are doctor who also shed tears to see action him's mom.We will never fail you wish. Tomorrow morning, to call out someone to know you have left we forever. Furthermore, Alif's family cry to settle because can no longer hold the knee is very weak. After the earth spirits, environment is very quiet no longer near him screams, him laughs and him voice when reading the Quran. Alif, you leave us with your name etched " tilawah al-Quran" . Congratulations Alif, now he has reached the age of 9 years. I hope the spirit of his mercy Vis. Amen. alms Al-Fatehah for him.

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